Capt. Ali Johnson
Don't underestimate me.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 19:05

Alistair shrugged. Clark Dill had such a good track record that no one could claim his success was just luck, even if they wanted to, and Alistair had watched him often enough to note the older boy's tactics and patterns. He was also aware to some degree, however, of Dill's commitments off the pitch and he wondered if he'd taken on too much and this had lead to his downfall. This had been one of the things that had softened the blow for Alistair when he had not been selected as prefect. No prefect duties meant more time to dedicate to Quidditch and all related training.

"Park's not bad," he admitted begrudgingly. "It'll be interesting to see how Dill responds this year."

Alistair read the look on Arne's face to imply that he was joking about but that didn't mean he wasn't irritated by his teammate's words. He was aware that he had a lot to prove, going up as Seeker for the first time against the established Pecari and Aladren talent, but he knew it wasn't outside his abilities.

What his team, and the rest of the school, didn't know was how he spent his time away from Sonora, and whilst that wasn't quite the same thing, Alistair believed it would at least lull Aladren into a false sense of security. Pecari, on the other hand, had a captain who knew almost everything about him when it came to Quidditch.

"Yeah, well, Seeker might be the position I go pro with," Alistair told Arne casually. It was the truth but he only deigned to share it because the thought of his assistant captain doubting him was not something he saw favourably. Arne was right though - Alistair sure had his work cut out for him, in terms of his own training and coaching the team.

  • cont. from the Quidditch Pitch [tag: Alistair]AQC, Arne Reinhardt, Sun Nov 6 18:36
    Although he disagreed with Alistairís decision to have an inexperienced Chaser team and a Seeker which had never played in a Sonora match before, he didnít say anything. Giving constructive criticism ... more
    • Don't underestimate me. — Capt. Ali Johnson, Sun Nov 6 19:05
      • And don't doubt me.Arne, Sun Nov 6 19:18
        Arne grinned as Alistair admitted his opponents' abilities. "Maybe they'll be so focused on beating each other out they'll let their guard down around us." He thought that they were getting along... more
        • You're not captain yet.Alistair, Sun Nov 6 19:52
          Alistair was surprised at how enthused Arne suddenly became about him playing Seeker. Was he trying to rub it in Alistair's face that he was only now getting to play Seeker for the school team and it ... more
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