Fair play.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 19:09

Emmy-Lou smiled as she passed him his book back. "That's okay. I'll just remember to steer clear next time I see you with a book."

"Hey, I could make you a warning sign," she added teasingly. "'Do not disturb. Dangerous reader.'"

  • You asked about the earth's fate.Jozua, Sun Nov 6 18:42
    Starting to feel a bit sheepish, he held a hand out to accept the book back from the girl he'd thrown it at. "Sorry. It's a biography. I wasn't expecting it to be this thrilling. He got a really good ... more
    • Fair play. — Emmy-Lou, Sun Nov 6 19:09
      • I thought soJozua, Sun Nov 6 19:17
        Jozua took the book back and checked it for damage. Good, it looked like its unexpected flight hadn't done it any harm. He smiled at the girl as she (he assumed) joked about making him a warning... more
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