And don't doubt me.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 19:18

Arne grinned as Alistair admitted his opponents' abilities. "Maybe they'll be so focused on beating each other out they'll let their guard down around us."

He thought that they were getting along okay until Alistair brought up going pro. Couldn't the other boy see that Arne was trying to bury the hatchet? Move on from their silly squabbles earlier on? Arne was older now, he realized that civility, at least, was key to working well together.

"If you can go pro on Seeker, that would be really neat," Arne said instead. "We'll have to make sure that Snitch is yours. Can you imagine if you played Seeker in school for only three years and then went pro? You'd be considered a prodigy, even more so than Clark Dill!"

It was true that Clark Dill was probably the best Seeker at their school. "I don't mind running extra Beater drills with you if you want, you already have the advantage of several years of dodging Bludgers as a Chaser..." Suddenly everything was coming together for Arne. He was in planning mode. He didn't care if all of this was going to make Alistair look good so long as it meant Crotalus won.

"I was actually thinking that it could be beneficial for everyone on the team to have individual training with the Beaters since we have so many new players. Getting them used to dodging. And since you'll be the Seeker now, that's a whole target on you all game unlike before."

  • Don't underestimate me.Capt. Ali Johnson, Sun Nov 6 19:05
    Alistair shrugged. Clark Dill had such a good track record that no one could claim his success was just luck, even if they wanted to, and Alistair had watched him often enough to note the older boy's ... more
    • And don't doubt me. — Arne, Sun Nov 6 19:18
      • You're not captain yet.Alistair, Sun Nov 6 19:52
        Alistair was surprised at how enthused Arne suddenly became about him playing Seeker. Was he trying to rub it in Alistair's face that he was only now getting to play Seeker for the school team and it ... more
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