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Sun Nov 6, 2016 19:52

Alistair was surprised at how enthused Arne suddenly became about him playing Seeker. Was he trying to rub it in Alistair's face that he was only now getting to play Seeker for the school team and it might be too late? No, for once the younger Reinhardt boy didn't seem to be trying to antagonize him.

"Yeah that could work," Alistair nodded. He didn't want to spend more time with Arne but the other boy had his uses and he had learnt by now to put all personality matters away when it came to Quidditch.

He supposed it was a good sign that Arne was showing interest and coming up with ideas since it would likely be him running the team in several years but right now this was still Alistair's team and it felt rather premature that Arne would be sharing ideas before he'd even seen what Alistair's training plans were. Alistair always had an entire training plan worked out for his team so he would have preferred if Arne had waited until seeing that before giving his input.

Still, he couldn't afford to squash enthusiasm which was certainly something his team had seemed to lack in the past. "Our new players are Chasers, and there's a lot more to that then dodging bludgers. But it would be good to make sure we focus on all aspects, so we will include that. If you're willing to do one-on-one, then that's really useful," Alistair nodded. "We have to be careful with first years and bludger-training though," he added, perhaps because of his own first year bludger horrors. Maybe that was what was irritating him, that Arne was so insistent on reminding him how much more of a target he'd be for the opposing Beaters. It wasn't that Alistair was scared of them after playing for so many years, but knowing that he had a weak spot that he couldn't afford to get hit could be unsettling when he had so much riding on that not happening.

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    Arne grinned as Alistair admitted his opponents' abilities. "Maybe they'll be so focused on beating each other out they'll let their guard down around us." He thought that they were getting along... more
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