Jamie Park
Sun Nov 6, 2016 20:01

“Well, if I can’t choose, my mom has plenty of ideas for me,” he sighed, pulling a face. Lack of ideas wasn’t really the problem. It was more the lack of interest in doing any of them.

“Who wants to be a grown up? You just have to pay bills and go grocery shopping and boring stuff.”

He was glad it was Sammy that had joined him. Ok, he wasn’t exactly bearing his soul right now, but for Jamie it was pretty close. He was being serious, and talking about feelings and stuff. Sammy was someone he actually got on with, and who wasn’t going to throw that stuff back in his face.

“But like you say, at least there’s one more year. One more year of Quidditch with you guys and elf-provided bacon,” he grinned, his way of thanking her for being cool about the whole thing. He held up a rasher on a fork. “Cheers.”

  • Making baconSammy Meeks, Sun Nov 6 02:45
    She sensed it from across the room, her eyes narrowing in on the Pecari breakfast table. More specfically, on Jamie Park. Even more specifically, on Jamie Park’s breakfast: a stack of bacon. Sammy... more
    • Bacon — Jamie Park, Sun Nov 6 20:01
      • Same. Sammy, Sun Nov 6 20:52
        “I feel it,” Sammy laughed. “I’ve got two moms. Twice the ideas. But personally,” she added, “even when I’m forced to be an adult, I have no intention of growing up. And I will certainly never be... more
        • You get meJamie, Mon Nov 7 07:47
          "Good philosophy - you're only young once but you can be immature forever," he grinned. He was pretty sure he'd seen that on a fridge magnet somewhere. It seemed pretty apt now. They could force him... more
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