Maybe when I wake up this whole thing will be over.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 20:16

Laila was just passing Joella the carrots when she caught the look the older girl gave Jax and heard Jaxís response. They were reading each otherís minds now? If that wasnít the most coupley of all things. She bit her lip and tried really hard not to cry when Jax sounded frustrated. It was all just so much. It was supposed to have been a simple dinner but then one thing after another had happened and in such a short amount of time too. She really didnít want to cry but the stress of it all was compounding and she couldnít leave or else Jax would know that she liked him and she really couldnít have that. She was supposed to be happy for them.

The solitary curse word from Jax, however broke the dam. At home, her parents never cursed. Her mother didnít like it and her father (whose mouth had been rather dirty before his marriage to Leonora) had cleaned it up once heíd had children. Hearing something like that come out of the mouthís of one of her friends, especially when it was likely due to something that she and her other friends had done was just too much. Laila felt absolutely horrible. About everything.

ďIím sorry!Ē she exclaimed as she burst into tears. ďI donít know whatís going on, I donít know what you want from me, I was just trying to be supportive! Canít we just pretend like this never happened?Ē

Well, so much for not crying in front of anyone ever again. God really was punishing her, it seemed. First thing tomorrow morning she was going to go ask Headmaster Brockert if he couldnít obliviate her and send her home so she could forget all about this terrible night and be a normal, boring Muggle again.

  • I'm going to pretend I'm dreaming.Jax, Sun Nov 6 20:00
    Jax was exhausted by the exchange that just happened. He felt kind of embarrassed by it all. He knew that Gia was happy for him because she had told him repeatedly do just go for it and he knew that... more
    • Maybe when I wake up this whole thing will be over. — Laila, Sun Nov 6 20:16
      • Please, let it be over already.Joella, Mon Nov 7 05:33
        Joella was rather alarmed when Laila started crying, and very very confused. She still wanted to leave the table but two too many people had already done that and she couldn't exactly leave Jax to... more
        • Why did this happen?Jax, Mon Nov 7 06:08
          Jax's blue eyes went wide as Laila burst into tears. He knew that Laila was fickle sometimes but he had no idea she was this sensitive about things before. It wasn't as though his frustration over... more
          • It had only been a small burst of tears, more from stress and fear than actual sadness--although anyone would likely feel very sad upon the discovery that someone they liked (and thought liked them... more
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