That's fair
Sun Nov 6, 2016 20:40

Kellen’s brow furrowed slightly when Madeleine declared his oatmeal tangent as being interesting. What? Was he being punked or something? He looked around the room momentarily before turning his attention back to the French girl. This was, truly, one of the strangest conversations he’d ever had.

“I like it better with milk, it tends to make it creamier than water does. That’s good that you’re not intolerant to lactose. Aren’t French foods generally pretty rich? And there are a lot of fancy cheeses, right? I don’t know much about France to be honest. I do know that pomplamoose means grapefruit, and I know like, 17 other words.” He decided that maybe he should seem interested in her, since she was possibly just trying to get to know him and getting stuck on the fact that he was still eating breakfast. Kellen wasn’t sure, but France seemed more interesting to talk about that oatmeal. Plus, he was running out of things to say about the food in front of him.

“Fruit is good.” Kellen said, a little surprised that she hadn’t had something more exotic for breakfast. “Yeah, I mean, I like fruit. I’ve had smoothies, or berries on pancakes or something. My mom is vegan, so we eat a lot of fruit and vegetables when I’m home. Today was just an oatmeal day I guess.”

  • Not everything is as it seems, my lad.Madeleine, Sun Nov 6 17:54
    Madeleine felt duped. Kellen was either a a really good actor and part of the Irish mob or else he was as boring as all get out and she was wasting her time. Seriously, who knew that much about a... more
    • That's fair — Kellen, Sun Nov 6 20:40
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