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Sun Nov 6, 2016 20:52

“I feel it,” Sammy laughed. “I’ve got two moms. Twice the ideas. But personally,” she added, “even when I’m forced to be an adult, I have no intention of growing up. And I will certainly never be boring.”

She smushed her bacon into his in perhaps the weirdest (and best) toast in all of human history. “Cheers,” she grinned back before stuffing the piece of bacon in her mouth. “We’re so gonna dominate Quidditch again this year,” she said through her mouthful. “After all, we’ve got a championship title to defend, and just the Seeker to do it.” Sammy normally wouldn’t flatter him (even if it was basically the truth), but Jamie seemed like he could need it today.

  • BaconJamie Park, Sun Nov 6 20:01
    “Well, if I can’t choose, my mom has plenty of ideas for me,” he sighed, pulling a face. Lack of ideas wasn’t really the problem. It was more the lack of interest in doing any of them. “Who wants to... more
    • Same. — Sammy, Sun Nov 6 20:52
      • You get meJamie, Mon Nov 7 07:47
        "Good philosophy - you're only young once but you can be immature forever," he grinned. He was pretty sure he'd seen that on a fridge magnet somewhere. It seemed pretty apt now. They could force him... more
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