Please, let it be over already.
Mon Nov 7, 2016 05:33

Joella was rather alarmed when Laila started crying, and very very confused. She still wanted to leave the table but two too many people had already done that and she couldn't exactly leave Jax to deal with an upset teenage girl. Part of being a prefect meant she was supposed to help younger students and it was rather inconsiderate to leave someone who was crying anyway.

"Hey," Joella said softly. "Don't worry about it. You aren't meant to say anything - it's not a big deal."

Joella didn't understand why Laila thought she had to be "supportive", like it had anything to do with her. Quite frankly none of this was anyone's business besides Joella and Jax's and whilst she totally understood that this was this kind of stuff friends wanted to know about because people were nosy like that, they weren't supposed to have any input or involvement and these guys were just making the whole thing so weird.

"I'm sorry if I interrupted something," she spoke a little hesitantly, trying to be sympathetic and tactful when she really had no clue what was going on. It was clear that Laila had something else going on, since she had so suddenly been reduced to tears, and Joella did feel bad that her arrival had brought about a new conversation without any regard to what they might have been talking about previously. "What's the matter? Has something bad happened?" Well that much was obvious but Joella didn't want to pry, only to help. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Or we could go and find Gia?" she offered. She wasn't sure where Gia had got to but she did know the Greek would be a whole lot better at this than her, and she also knew Laila better so the Crotalus might be more comfortable talking about what was going on with her.

  • Laila was just passing Joella the carrots when she caught the look the older girl gave Jax and heard Jaxís response. They were reading each otherís minds now? If that wasnít the most coupley of all... more
    • Please, let it be over already. — Joella, Mon Nov 7 05:33
      • Why did this happen?Jax, Mon Nov 7 06:08
        Jax's blue eyes went wide as Laila burst into tears. He knew that Laila was fickle sometimes but he had no idea she was this sensitive about things before. It wasn't as though his frustration over... more
        • It had only been a small burst of tears, more from stress and fear than actual sadness--although anyone would likely feel very sad upon the discovery that someone they liked (and thought liked them... more
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