I trust you
Mon Nov 7, 2016 06:51

"It has!" Ginger exclaimed, realizing suddenly how much she had actually missed her former co-captain over the past couple of years. "How's it going? I cheered for you during your game against Aladren last year. You guys did good."

  • I wasn't following you, I promise.Alistair, Mon Nov 7 05:52
    Alistair left Herbology class but took a slight detour through the gardens rather than heading straight back to the main school building. He had a lot of his mind and something about the bright sun... more
    • I trust you — Ginger, Mon Nov 7 06:51
      • I like the sound of that.Alistair, Mon Nov 7 07:16
        "Not bad," Alistair nodded. There was so much he wanted to tell her, aside from his feelings obviously, but she was a Teppenpaw player and he had to be careful given where her loyalties so clearly... more
        • Glad to hear itGinger, Mon Nov 7 07:55
          "Never," she promised, certain that after sharing pitch with them for a few years, Crotalus would always be her second loyalty in Quidditch cheering. "Thanks," she replied, feeling pleased that he'd... more
          • "You should be proud of that," Alistair smiled. He had a lot of pride himself but it wasn't without good reason. "Although, you'd better watch out for Makenzie," he warned, "since she's getting the... more
            • I'm sorry?Ginger, Mon Nov 7 17:09
              "I'll keep an eye on her," she promised, feeling pretty sure Alistair had no idea at all how true that statement was. The Secret Cabal of Keepers was, well, secret . She'd never told him that Liliana ... more
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