I like the sound of that.
Mon Nov 7, 2016 07:16

"Not bad," Alistair nodded. There was so much he wanted to tell her, aside from his feelings obviously, but she was a Teppenpaw player and he had to be careful given where her loyalties so clearly lay. "Thanks," he smiled, liking the thought of her cheering him on even if the stands. It had been nice sharing the pitch with her in the past but only more recently had he come to accept that it was okay. "It's good to hear you haven't completely turned against us," he added with a grin.

"You didn't do too badly yourself either," Alistair complimented her. "How does it feel being the top Keeper in the school now?"

  • I trust youGinger, Mon Nov 7 06:51
    "It has!" Ginger exclaimed, realizing suddenly how much she had actually missed her former co-captain over the past couple of years. "How's it going? I cheered for you during your game against... more
    • I like the sound of that. — Alistair, Mon Nov 7 07:16
      • Glad to hear itGinger, Mon Nov 7 07:55
        "Never," she promised, certain that after sharing pitch with them for a few years, Crotalus would always be her second loyalty in Quidditch cheering. "Thanks," she replied, feeling pleased that he'd... more
        • "You should be proud of that," Alistair smiled. He had a lot of pride himself but it wasn't without good reason. "Although, you'd better watch out for Makenzie," he warned, "since she's getting the... more
          • I'm sorry?Ginger, Mon Nov 7 17:09
            "I'll keep an eye on her," she promised, feeling pretty sure Alistair had no idea at all how true that statement was. The Secret Cabal of Keepers was, well, secret . She'd never told him that Liliana ... more
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