You get me
Mon Nov 7, 2016 07:47

"Good philosophy - you're only young once but you can be immature forever," he grinned. He was pretty sure he'd seen that on a fridge magnet somewhere. It seemed pretty apt now. They could force him to go to college. They could force him to pick a major. But they couldn't force him to change.

"Totally," he grinned, at the idea of them taking the Quidditch season by storm. "Got quite the little firecracker beater too," he returned her compliment. He'd always been a bit detached from the rest of the team, believing himself special and separate, but he actually liked working with Sammy. "Go team," he grinned, actually meaning it.

  • Same. Sammy, Sun Nov 6 20:52
    I feel it, Sammy laughed. Ive got two moms. Twice the ideas. But personally, she added, even when Im forced to be an adult, I have no intention of growing up. And I will certainly never be... more
    • You get me — Jamie, Mon Nov 7 07:47
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