Liac Reinhardt and Shinohara Uzume
Oh thats a good one!
Mon Nov 7, 2016 08:13

"I still don't get it," Uzu said moving the hair slightly out of her face to sip at her cup of pumpkin juice.

"You don't have to, I do and the evidence shows its a perfect fit," Liac responded as he blew some bubbles out of his pretend pipe. Uzu only glared at him.

"See right there, you make the perfect Sadako!" He laughed, completely ignoring her.

Halloween wasn't exactly Uzume's forte. It was an American holiday after all, so she didn't have the same nostalgia her peers had for dressing up and pumpkin pies. Even so, she did appreciate a good party. Originally she planned on just wearing a cute fall themed checker dress, however everything changed when she ran into Liac on the way to the party. Liac whom decided to dress as Sherlock Holmes, insisted she wear something a little more fitting for Halloween.

Uzu was about to give him another piece of her mind when a girl dressing in drag asked her to guess her costume. "Uh..." Uzume paused, looking at the girl's outfit. She could have been a number of things, and Uzu wasn't into pop culture enough to know if it was a certain character or celebrity. Eventually Uzu just gave up, choosing instead to take a long sip of juice to avoid answering the question entirely.

"Hmm," Liac pondered, butting in to get a look at the cute underclassmen through his comically large magnifying glass. It took him a little while to fit the pieces together, but he was pretty sure he knew what she was trying to go for. "The hair, the stare, killer mustache! I do believe the person in question is none other than Headmaster Brockert!" he exclaimed in the most over the top version of Holmes as he could.

  • Guess who I am?Lily Spencer, Sun Nov 6 01:12
    Lily had taken good care to look fantastic for her first Hallowe’en party. She had taken the liberty of chopping her brown hair short, so short it was at the same length as her brother’s. Her mum... more
    • Oh thats a good one! — Liac Reinhardt and Shinohara Uzume, Mon Nov 7 08:13
      • I sincerely disagreeEmerald Brockert, Mon Nov 7 08:51
        Emerald wasn't one for parties and she probably wasn't going to stay here for too long. Still, she knew Kit was in Spirit Club and she decided it would be a nice gesture to support her roommate.... more
        • Can't please them all.Lily, Mon Nov 7 13:03
          Lily was thrilled that someone figured out her costume. The upperclass students seemed friendly and she was happy to chat with people outside of her class. "Yes, that's me!" she exclaimed, breaking... more
          • Are you kidding me?Emerald, Mon Nov 7 13:18
            Emerald was incensed as the Pecari rather cheerfully replied. She didn't even have the decency to look ashamed! If Emerald had been insulting someone and one of their relatives came by and called her ... more
            • Just trying to laugh it offLiac and Uzu, Mon Nov 7 13:37
              Uzu couldn't help but feel annoyed, one because Liac was an idiot that couldn't keep his volume to a minimum, but also because the two of them were now in the middle of something she would rather not ... more
              • Ha. Ha. Lily, Mon Nov 7 14:25
                Lily hadn't received the ill message before, but she certainly did by the older witch's rude comment. This whole pure-blood circle of snotty witches was contemptible and she just wanted to chat with... more
                • Ha ha indeedLiac and Uzu, Mon Nov 7 22:00
                  Uzume was impressed by the girl. No doubt being in Pecari suited her she thought to herself as she chuckled a little her younger's remark. Quite the show, but a duel really would have made the party... more
                  • Re: Ha ha indeedLily, Tue Nov 8 15:45
                    "I like the one with 'hound' in the title, I don't remember the full name. But something with a phantom beast. Sherlock Holmes was brilliant." Lily would have liked to see Liac's cousin so she could... more
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