We can weather it together!
Mon Nov 7, 2016 11:07 (XFF:,

Juniper put her book down, and even though he’d just thought that he didn’t mind either way, Finn was glad to have her attention. However, he didn’t want to get annoying or anything.

“Don’t let me interrupt you, if you want to read,” said Finn. Even after two years of being friends with her, he didn’t like to assume that she always wanted to talk to him.

  • Me tooJuniper Brockert, Mon Nov 7 10:59
    Juniper felt on edge. At school she nearly always did, but she wanted the one person she could feel okay around. Unfortunately, that meant leaving her room. She usually didn't unless she could be... more
    • We can weather it together! — Finn, Mon Nov 7 11:07
      • It's the only wayJuniper, Mon Nov 7 11:11
        "Oh no, I um, was rather waiting for you." Juniper replied quietly. She hoped that he wouldn't take that as her being creepy or stalkerish or anything bad. Or reject her. He hadn't thus far, but she... more
        • Don't worry, I'm not going anywhereFinn, Mon Nov 7 11:19
          Finn’s face broke out into a smile as Juniper said she’d been waiting for him. He knew they were friends, but it was always nice to hear that somebody enjoyed your company. Especially when that... more
          • Good!Juniper, Mon Nov 7 11:24
            She managed a smile when Finn said he wanted to find her. That someone wanted her around felt good. "No no, everything's fine." She assured him. Well, okay, never exactly true but nothing any more... more
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