Would my lady care to join me for cake?
Mon Nov 7, 2016 11:15 (XFF:,

Normally, Victor would hate to be called sweet. It was the obnoxious sort of term used by elderly aunts who pinched your cheeks, and the very thought of it made him shudder. However, when Ayla used the word he found he didn’t mind so much. It was different, he supposed, having a girl your age call you sweet. That wasn’t a sign of being treated like a little boy. If anything, it was probably the completely opposite, so he took pride in being considered sweet. Her additional sentence helped, too. Really she was saying she thought he was manly and heroic, and Victor felt as if he was living up to his costume.

Then Ayla mentioned cakes, and the whole conversation somehow got even better. Ayla and cake? Bring it on.

“Of course, my lady,” he replied with a grin, offering his arm in an exaggerated old-fashioned and rather princely way.

  • *Blushes*Ayla, Mon Nov 7 02:17
    Was it hot in the MARS room? It certainly felt that way to Ayla. So many things were running through her head, and the feelings...she couldn’t even begin to comprehend the feelings. Her cheeks were... more
    • Would my lady care to join me for cake? — Victor, Mon Nov 7 11:15
      • That's a no brainer!Ayla, Mon Nov 7 15:05
        Ayla happily took Victor’s arm, her heart so full she thought it might actually burst out of her chest. She liked the way he’d said ‘my lady’ too, even though she knew he was likely just playing... more
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