Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere
Mon Nov 7, 2016 11:19 (XFF:,

Finn’s face broke out into a smile as Juniper said she’d been waiting for him. He knew they were friends, but it was always nice to hear that somebody enjoyed your company. Especially when that someone was Juniper.

“I’d been hoping to find you too,” he admitted. “Are you okay, or did you just want the pleasure of my company?” He hoped the fact that she’d been waiting for him didn’t mean anything was wrong, but if something was, he wanted to help her with it.

  • It's the only wayJuniper, Mon Nov 7 11:11
    "Oh no, I um, was rather waiting for you." Juniper replied quietly. She hoped that he wouldn't take that as her being creepy or stalkerish or anything bad. Or reject her. He hadn't thus far, but she... more
    • Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere — Finn, Mon Nov 7 11:19
      • Good!Juniper, Mon Nov 7 11:24
        She managed a smile when Finn said he wanted to find her. That someone wanted her around felt good. "No no, everything's fine." She assured him. Well, okay, never exactly true but nothing any more... more
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