Caught in the act.
Mon Nov 7, 2016 12:42

Caelia looked flushed as well and Jack fleetingly wondered if she fancied him. Though it was an impractical, fanciful notion, Jack thought it would make a brilliant story. He wasn't about to ask her why she was so embarrassed when he was certain he looked the same way. "I'm well," he replied. "I should go clean up the books in the next aisle." He heard another book fall on the other side of the shelf.

"How's, um, how's Emrys doing?" he asked, as though he didn't hear enough about her brother from Charlotte. But last he'd heard, Charlotte was hoping Emrys would propose soon.

  • Oh, more than you know!Caelia Lucan, Sun Nov 6 15:39
    There was no way to explain how Caelia felt other than completely torn. Matt didn't want her talking to Alistair or Jack, she didn't want her grandmother to find out about Matt just yet, and moreover ... more
    • Caught in the act. — Jack, Mon Nov 7 12:42
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