Mon Nov 7, 2016 12:54

Lily's brown eyes widened. "Brilliant!" she exclaimed, and then covered her mouth with her hand. Though she had never played detective like this before - she was more of a knights and dragons sort of witch - she was more than happy to join someone else's make-believe world.

"Well, Flora, I would be happy to join you." Thinking up a brilliant character name took time, but time was of the essence now. "Ms Avery Osbourne at your service," she replied in her most posh British voice. "What's our first step towards justice?"

  • Shhh!Madeleine and Flora, Sun Nov 6 11:06
    Madeleine grinned, all her thoughts on the silly Defence test (why did they need to be tested on a subject that was all practical use anyway?) behind her now. She shook her head, a couple strands of... more
    • !!! — Lily, Mon Nov 7 12:54
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