That's a no brainer!
Mon Nov 7, 2016 15:05

Ayla happily took Victor’s arm, her heart so full she thought it might actually burst out of her chest. She liked the way he’d said ‘my lady’ too, even though she knew he was likely just playing along. She kind of wished she’d picked a different costume for herself, something more like Kit’s, but still she couldn’t help but feel pretty on Victor's arm. She smiled at him as they wove their way through the crowd to the snack table.

There was a nagging voice in the back of her mind that made her wonder what other people might think about them, but she was too happy to care. She would, however, be discussing the situation with Gwen and Kit later.

“Ooo! There they are.” She said, flashing him a dimpled smile as they approached the dessert table. Some of the pumpkin cupcakes had icing that was a little.. wonky. Those had been the ones that Ayla had helped with, not that she'd admit to it. She took two and handed one to Victor. She immediately popped the candy pumpkin that topped the cakes into her mouth, and waited for him to try his with her fingers crossed. “What do you think? Is it awful?” She asked, wrinkling her painted nose.

  • Would my lady care to join me for cake?Victor, Mon Nov 7 11:15
    Normally, Victor would hate to be called sweet. It was the obnoxious sort of term used by elderly aunts who pinched your cheeks, and the very thought of it made him shudder. However, when Ayla used... more
    • That's a no brainer! — Ayla, Mon Nov 7 15:05
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