Consider me alerted
Mon Nov 7, 2016 15:15

Jozua did not yelp as Lily attacked him. A year ago, he probably would have, but he was kind of used to her exuberance now and while he was not particularly demonstrative himself, he tolerated it from his best friend and upon hearing her words, he grinned and gave her a quick rare hug back. "That's great!" he congratulated her, knowing she must be ecstatic to have gotten first string Chaser this time.

He shook his head as she asked about his own position on Teppenpaw's team. "Nah, reserve again, but I'm okay with that," he promised. "If we do play together, I just hope it's not Liac who got sick again. Beater is not my forte." After his performance at try-outs, he felt it only fair to share his conclusion on his best position, "I may not make the team til Ginger graduates and frees up Keeper. That's the only one I'm really any good at right now."

  • Best friend alert! (Jozua)Lily Spencer, Mon Nov 7 13:10
    Though Lily was having a ball making new friends and chatting with different people every day, she was still fiercely loyal to her first best friend. The day the Pecari roster went up, Lily squealed. ... more
    • Consider me alerted — Jozua, Mon Nov 7 15:15
      • Got to keep you on your toes.Lily, Mon Nov 7 15:55
        Lily thought Keeper was too dull for her, but it seemed like a position that would fit Jozua. Not that he was dull, certainly. She was even more happy by his congratulations. "Well, maybe we can... more
        • Constant Vigilance!Jozua, Mon Nov 7 16:51
          "Sure, we could do that," Jozua said casually, as if having another excuse to share experiences and bond with Lily hadn't been precisely why he joined Quidditch in the first place. And then the... more
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