The feels are vast
Mon Nov 7, 2016 16:13

Farrah laughed. "That's true. You did insult her, but I'm sure she probably agreed with it privately. And, at least you didn't insult her looks or clothes. I feel like that would be more of an issue for her." Farrah commented. She wasn't blind, she knew how vain her roommate was. "Good, I'm glad to know someone will look for me when she stashes me somewhere." FARRAH continued the joke.

She listened as Kellen told her about his animal friend and it nearly broke her heart when he revealed it to be his own mother. She felt the urge to just pull him into a big hug and never let go. Farrah couldn't imagine not having any real friends back home.

She rested her head against his shoulder, the closest thing she could do as a hug while they walked and squeezed his arm. "You're adorable." She said, unsure as to why that came out of her mouth. "You'll have to come visit me during the summer or I can visit you that way, you'll have a best friend there too."

  • I feel you. Kellen, Mon Nov 7 02:50
    “I don’t think I could sleep.” Kellen said, seriousness in his voice. “Then again, you didn’t tell her she was a horrible person with a huge ego, so I think you’re pretty safe.” A smile crossed his... more
    • The feels are vast — Farrah , Mon Nov 7 16:13
      • The feels are deepKellen, Mon Nov 7 17:38
        “Thanks for the advice. I’ll try and do better next time.” Kellen said in jest. He was sure there wouldn’t be a next time, at least he hoped there wouldn’t be. He felt like if he did stumble upon... more
        • The feels are realFarrah, Mon Nov 7 17:53
          "You're welcome." Farrah replied. She had meant her compliment even though she wasn't sure why she had said it. It was such a strange moment for her to have made it, but it had felt right and even if ... more
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