Constant Vigilance!
Mon Nov 7, 2016 16:51

"Sure, we could do that," Jozua said casually, as if having another excuse to share experiences and bond with Lily hadn't been precisely why he joined Quidditch in the first place.

And then the subject was abruptly dropped. He'd come to expect such turns from conversations with Lily, so he took the track change in stride. Neither was he, given the long time it took for owl post to travel between Oregon and England, surprised their correspondence had sort of fizzled over the summer, though he had been sure to post her at least once a month so she knew he was still thinking about her.

"It was fine. Mom and Dad have not accepted that I am no longer home-schooled and tried to fit in an entire years' worth of lessons in three months. But it was fine. It was good to see them again."

  • Got to keep you on your toes.Lily, Mon Nov 7 15:55
    Lily thought Keeper was too dull for her, but it seemed like a position that would fit Jozua. Not that he was dull, certainly. She was even more happy by his congratulations. "Well, maybe we can... more
    • Constant Vigilance! — Jozua, Mon Nov 7 16:51
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