I'm sorry?
Mon Nov 7, 2016 17:09

"I'll keep an eye on her," she promised, feeling pretty sure Alistair had no idea at all how true that statement was. The Secret Cabal of Keepers was, well, secret. She'd never told him that Liliana had taken her under her wing, and she doubted Makenzie would tell him Ginger had invited all of the school's Keepers to practice their art together.

"Being the assistant is pretty neat," she admitted. "Liac really lets me be a big part of running things, so I definitely feel like it's our team not just his."

  • "You should be proud of that," Alistair smiled. He had a lot of pride himself but it wasn't without good reason. "Although, you'd better watch out for Makenzie," he warned, "since she's getting the... more
    • I'm sorry? — Ginger, Mon Nov 7 17:09
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