The feels are deep
Mon Nov 7, 2016 17:38

“Thanks for the advice. I’ll try and do better next time.” Kellen said in jest. He was sure there wouldn’t be a next time, at least he hoped there wouldn’t be. He felt like if he did stumble upon Arianna in an empty room he’d have to turn and run or else face her wrath. He definitely wanted to avoid that. Maybe it was her accent, but she just seemed...scrappy.

Kellen’s breath hitched when Farrah not only leaned against him a little, but called him adorable. Surely she needed to get her eyes checked, he thought to himself as he wondered exactly how to respond to that. He’d been called many things in his life, but never adorable.

“Um...thanks?” He said, rubbing the back of his neck as he watched their feet move across the floor. His face was read, he could feel it, so he was thankful when she mentioned potentially visiting each other for the summer. He really liked the idea, but he couldn’t exactly have her visit his father’s, and he and his mom shared a tiny little apartment over the apothecary. He thought Farrah might like Portland though, and could think of a dozen different things offhand that she might like. Maybe they could stay with his grandparents for the duration. If she wanted to, of course. Then again, it was her idea.

“That would be great! We should definitely make that happen.” He said, looking over at her with a smile. “Assuming you don’t have another wonderful international family adventure planned.” He'd have to figure out a way to get his mom on board without her questioning his motives. Not that they weren't completely innocent, he just wasn't sure how well it'd go over to want a girl to stay for a part of the summer. In his head, Kellen was already starting to make plans. Summers would be so much better with her at his side.

  • The feels are vastFarrah , Mon Nov 7 16:13
    Farrah laughed. "That's true. You did insult her, but I'm sure she probably agreed with it privately. And, at least you didn't insult her looks or clothes. I feel like that would be more of an issue... more
    • The feels are deep — Kellen, Mon Nov 7 17:38
      • The feels are realFarrah, Mon Nov 7 17:53
        "You're welcome." Farrah replied. She had meant her compliment even though she wasn't sure why she had said it. It was such a strange moment for her to have made it, but it had felt right and even if ... more
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