Re: Ha ha indeed
Tue Nov 8, 2016 15:45

"I like the one with 'hound' in the title, I don't remember the full name. But something with a phantom beast. Sherlock Holmes was brilliant." Lily would have liked to see Liac's cousin so she could get the full picture, but the other girl finally spoke up to Lily's delight. "I'm Lily Spencer," replied the English witch. "What are your names?" She didn't want to try guessing just in case she was wrong.

  • Ha ha indeedLiac and Uzu, Mon Nov 7 22:00
    Uzume was impressed by the girl. No doubt being in Pecari suited her she thought to herself as she chuckled a little her younger's remark. Quite the show, but a duel really would have made the party... more
    • Re: Ha ha indeed — Lily, Tue Nov 8 15:45
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