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DH Skies
Under the weather
Sun Jan 15, 2017 05:32

It wasn’t a great start to the week. She’d had to stay up late replanning a lesson, after finding out that the materials she’d been planning to borrow from the university, to give the advanced class a taste of Transfiguration beyond Sonora, wouldn’t be available for another week. She’d been fighting a cold all week - being an adult, she had her own basic medications in her rooms, and had been taking nightly doses of Pepper Up Potion, once she was out of sight of the students and her vanity could afford smoking ears. But it didn’t seem to have shaken the damn thing off, and now after the late night, she was feeling worse than ever. Instead of heading to breakfast, therefore, she headed off to see the Medic.

“Hello,” she smiled weakly - she wasn’t a fan of being ill, but she didn’t tend to take that grumpiness out on other people, and was usually friendly with the other staff members. “I’ve been trying to fight a cold off but it just won’t go. I think it might have developed into a throat or a chest infection or something,” she explained, wanting to justify why she had come, rather than taking care of the problem herself, but not wanting to self-diagnose, even though she was pretty sure that was the problem. As if on cue, to illustrate her point, her body chose that moment to give a rattling cough. She hated being ill. She was sure, when she was younger, that she’d been able to pull all nighters with a cold and still shake the damn thing off. Perhaps it was an exaggeration but a common cold developing complications made her feel old. Between the regular maintenance to keep her hair blonde, and the range of lotions and potions on her nightstand, it was clear to anyone who knew her well that old age was something Selina prefered to keep firmly at bay, wherever possible.

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