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Salali Bly
Sniffling, aching, burning... is the the end?
Wed Jan 25, 2017 13:37

For the last three days in a row, Salali had woken up feeling… not so good. Her body hurt without the fun of having done something to earn it, and her nose kept leaking. She tried and tried, blowing it all the time, but it seemed to be a well that would not run dry. Sometimes her eyes leaked too, but not quite like crying. After the second day, her throat had begun protesting most solid foods, so she’d taken to soup or other liquid (or at least soft) foods. But she didn’t feel like she was getting any better.

She had heard mentions of a thing called “a Cold”, which was apparently a virulent and horrible plague that spread between people. And indeed, it must have been true. Her roommate had been expressing similar symptoms last week, so, if Salali was to believe her eyes, she must have been infected by Natalie. Accidentally, of course, because who would do this to someone else on purpose? But still, the sickness remained.

So, a bit nervous, she scurried off on day four to the hospital wing. Salali was pretty sure she might be dying, and perhaps Natalie had been graced somehow and was a lucky one who recovered naturally. She had no evidence to convince her of this, but it was better safe than sorry.

She took a seat and waited for the medic, who, while all by all means an intimidating woman to even someone as oblivious as Salali, was still preferable to a horrible death. So, with a sigh and forced surface-level calmness, she waited.

OOC: Mentions of Natalie approved by her author.

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