Louis Valois
The last morning (tag Dustin)
Sat Feb 25, 2017 15:45

It always felt odd to leave Sonora for the summer. As he woke up that morning, Louis felt quite sad that he would be back in France that evening. Home had lost some of its appeal these days, even if it would nice to see his grandmother and his friends, and to speak French more regularly again.

Still, there were things to be done, so he forced himself out of the comfort of his bed and into the shower, singing as he washed himself. He towelled his hair dry and combed it in front of the mirror, then wandered back into the dorm room in his boxer shorts.

"Glad it's the holidays?" he asked Dustin, as he picked out his outfit for the day.

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    • After the Quidditch final (tag Clark)Joella Curtis, Sun Feb 26 17:42
      Being a Chaser herself meant that Joella normally held most interest for those in that position but today she had hardly been able to tear her eyes away from the Seekers. Alistair versus Clark - that ... more
      • Not my best momentClark Dill, Sun Feb 26 19:21
        Clark saw Alistair move. Visibility was bad enough that he didn't see what the Crotalus was going for, but he couldn't take the chance he wasn't bluffing. So Clark made a guess based on Alistair's... more
    • Goodbye (tag Clark)Araceli Arbon, Crotalus, Sun Feb 26 01:33
      Araceli hovered by the New Zealand booth. It was probably the safest place to speak to Clark, seeing as she didn't really have a reason to talk to him outside it. Besides which, he'd probably want to ... more
      • Good bye, Araceli Clark , Sun Feb 26 06:31
        "Bye, have fun!" Clark called to the leaving patron who had just been regaled with an answer to their question about New Zealand (possibly in far more depth than they'd really wanted). He turned with ... more
        • Such a seemingly simple wordAraceli, Sun Feb 26 09:34
          "Yes, it's lovely - everyone's done such a lot of hard work," she smiled, when Clark asked if she was enjoying herself. Maybe she'd get to see some of these places one day in real life... It was... more
          • Fare thee well?Clark, Sun Feb 26 12:58
            Clark collected back his yearbook and returned Araceli's to her. "Thanks," he said, flushing a little bit at the appreciation she shared. "I'm glad I got to know you too," he returned. Glancing down... more
            • I guess soAraceli, Sun Feb 26 20:07
              "Th-thanks," she stumbled over accepting the pair of compliments, her cheeks turning red. Two nice things. Clark had just said two nice things to her. She was sure those would be etched on her mind... more
              • ClosureClark, Sun Feb 26 20:52
                "Bye, Araceli," Clark said to her retreating back, but then somebody else was asking a question about New Zealand and he didn't see her vanish out of his life.
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      (For anyone wanting to post in response to winning the house cup. See post on Mirage Chamber for details).
      • Roommate bonding (tag Nevaeh)Tasha DuBois, Sun Feb 26 22:03
        This had been a great year for Tasha. There was now a school orchestra, they were having an international festival for the school fair which had also led to her making her first actual friend at... more
        • What a pleasant occasion! Nevaeh Reed, Sun Feb 26 22:25
          There was a lot of bright color in probably interesting shapes. That was as much detail as Nevaeh could make out about the fair around them. One blur seemed to possibly be moving, but she could more... more
          • It sure is!Tasha, Mon Feb 27 13:16
            Though Nevaeh couldn't see it, Tasha was grinning. She gave a chuckle of appreciation at her roommate's pun. " Fair enough. And of course you do! Lots of questions means an inquisitive mind, which is ... more
      • Blue is the best. [tag house-mates]Jack Spencer, Sun Feb 26 08:20
        When the winners of the house cup were announced, Jack was over the moon. Though they hadn't won the Quidditch Cup, the House Cup showed just who was the best out of the entire school. He entered the ... more
    • Saying Goodbye (Tag Finn)Juniper Brockert, Sat Feb 25 18:58
      The school year would be over soon and Juniper was sort of glad of course. Soon she'd be back home with Butterscotch and all the rest of their horses. And Duncan would be home for the summer-well... more
      • At least it's not foreverFinn Scott, Sun Feb 26 09:05
        Finn was just walking into the common room when Juniper approached, surprising him with her declaration and the hug. That wasn't to say he minded, however, and he quickly returned it. Hugging wasn't... more
        • That would be so much worse.Juniper, Sun Feb 26 13:11
          She breathed a sigh of relief when Finn returned the hug. Juniper was starting to feel more confident in his friendship even if she wasn't confident in any other respect but this hadn't been... more
          • "That's a good idea," replied Finn, brightening at Juniper's suggestion. He wasn't sure how much say he'd have, as his parents tended to go to certain events, but hopefully his plans would match with ... more
            • Hopefully we never will.Juniper, Mon Feb 27 17:00
              Juniper resisted the urge to make a face. "Probably. I really don't want to though unless you're there." There, she'd gone and admitted it to him, been honest. Hopefully it wouldn't make him turn... more
    • Splashing around (MARS room)Tess Whittaker, Sat Feb 25 16:21
      Lie-ins were nice, but Tess also enjoyed it when she got up earlier and did something to start off her day. It made her feel like she had so much more time to do things. So, when she'd woken up at... more
    • Exploring the fair (tag: any booth group member)Finn Scott, Sat Feb 25 15:57
      Finn hadn't signed up for the fair, and he wasn't entirely sure why. Maybe it was because the idea had seemed a little daunting, having to do all that research with people he didn't know. But... more
      • Welcome to the Rainforest!Lily Spencer, Sun Feb 26 08:25
        "Hi Finn!" said Lily when he approached her booth. She was standing in front of the black curtain that covered the marvelous surprise within. "Well, ours is a bit like a maze when you walk inside,... more
        • Re: Welcome to the Rainforest!Anonymous, Mon Feb 27 15:40
          Finn didn't know Lily too well, but despite being a very lively and, well, Pecari-ish person (which was a bit of a contrast to his more quiet character), she was Jozua's pureblood friend, and that... more
    • The last morning (tag Dustin) — Louis Valois, Sat Feb 25 15:45
      • And away we go.Dustin Newell, Sat Feb 25 15:59
        Seeing Louis in his boxers was nowhere near a new phenomenon, although Dustin imagined there were probably plenty girls both here and abroad who would be horribly jealous to hear of it. He himself... more
        • YippeeLouis, Sat Feb 25 16:10
          Dustin's response wasn't the most forthcoming, but this didn't bother Louis, who was currently debating which tshirt was most appropriate, given his planned choice of jacket and shoes. "Not... more
          • If you say soDustin, Sat Feb 25 16:20
            “Stripes,” Dustin decided, although he was hardly the person to ask for fashion advice. He was pretty sure a handful of years now living with Louis was the only reason he didn’t look like a complete... more
            • Note the sarcasmLouis, Sat Feb 25 16:32
              Louis narrowed his eyes at the tshirt in question, before agreeing with Dustin's decision and putting it on. Next came the hunt for jeans - or maybe chinos? Hmm. "Maybe they'll look up to their... more
              • NotedDustin, Sat Feb 25 16:42
                Dustin laughed. “If Brett ever looked up to me for anything, I think I’d die of shock. And anyway, I don’t really care what he thinks.” If his younger brother did not pay him the respect he deserved... more
                • Well doneLouis, Sat Feb 25 16:54
                  Louis laughed along with Dustin, enjoying the idea of the younger brother, who he'd sort of thought would be Dustin MkII, sounding rather different, not that he disliked Dustin at all. He couldn't... more
                  • I do my bestDustin, Sat Feb 25 17:07
                    “I think rules are important,” Dustin contradicted. “They’re a solid guide. The problem is that nobody knows what the damn rules are anymore because they keep changing.” He caught the change of tone... more
                    • Classic Aladren behaviour Louis, Sun Feb 26 09:15
                      Louis actually thought that trying to please his father would be more likely to lead to throwing his life away. However, despite his current rebellious thoughts, he was still a Valois. You didn't... more
    • A fair bit of folklore (Kira)Winston Pierce, Sat Feb 25 08:14
      The Israel group had split into a few research groups and Winston had opted to help Kira with the folklore aspect of the booth. Over the past months, he had come to see her as a friend, and he... more
      • A fair bit longer than I expected it to be.Kira Spaulding, Sat Feb 25 18:30
        Kira hadn't wanted to sign up at all initially and only did because she felt Sophie wanted her to. She didn't know quite why Sophie wanted that, certainly they were close but she never thought Sophie ... more
        • A fair bit indeedWinston Pierce, Sat Feb 25 19:44
          Winston blinked, in surprise that Kira - who was enough older than him that he worried sometimes that she just saw him as a baby - seemed as eager to continue their story time together as he was,... more
          • Yeah, sorry about that.Kira, Sun Feb 26 12:19
            Kira grinned. In the past, her shyness and low self-esteem had kept her from joining Book Club, something she would have been genuinely interested in except that she honestly didn't think people... more
            • No, it's good.Winston, Sun Feb 26 13:06
              "Great!" Winston confirmed her confirmation, and bent down over the last of their booth posters, now feeling the pleased growing triumph at their near completion that had been missing earlier. "These ... more
              • Okay, good.Kira, Sun Feb 26 15:28
                Kira nodded in agreement, blushing again. She was so not used to people wanting to be around her. "It was nice to meet you too. This isn't an interest I share with a lot of people." As far as she... more
                • This title took longer than the postWinston, Sun Feb 26 19:29
                  "Right," he agreed, chuckling a little. "That must be nice," he offered, the sentiment genuine. He missed his little sister and the Pierces that were here were more sources of embarrassment than... more
                  • Titles can be difficultKira, Mon Feb 27 13:34
                    "It can be." Kira replied. In all actuality, it depended on the cousin. Kelsey was a source of well, jealousy she supposed, someone who made her feel inadequate and inferior. A person she felt she... more
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