Note the sarcasm
Sat Feb 25, 2017 16:32

Louis narrowed his eyes at the tshirt in question, before agreeing with Dustin's decision and putting it on. Next came the hunt for jeans - or maybe chinos? Hmm.

"Maybe they'll look up to their older, more experienced brother?" Louis suggested, amused at Dustin's description of his siblings. "We can always boost your rep, try and pretend you're one of the cool guys round here. Hang a girl or two off your arm." He winked at Dustin, wondering how hilarious it would be to suggest to Emmy that she volunteer for the job. Not that he'd ever actually objectify women like that. Louis didn't like the idea of girls just being there to make a wizard look better.

"Which house do you reckon Brett will be in, then?" He wasn't sure which was the house intended for pests - maybe Crotalus, if Évreux was anything to go by.

"Well it's not so much the beach that's the issue, as the people, and the expectations - my father will want me to get in there with the right sort of girl." He paused, then decided that Dustin probably wouldn't be surprised by what he was about to say. And if he was, Louis didn't really care. "Do you ever feel somewhat disenchanted with the whole society business?"

  • If you say soDustin, Sat Feb 25 16:20
    “Stripes,” Dustin decided, although he was hardly the person to ask for fashion advice. He was pretty sure a handful of years now living with Louis was the only reason he didn’t look like a complete... more
    • Note the sarcasm — Louis, Sat Feb 25 16:32
      • NotedDustin, Sat Feb 25 16:42
        Dustin laughed. “If Brett ever looked up to me for anything, I think I’d die of shock. And anyway, I don’t really care what he thinks.” If his younger brother did not pay him the respect he deserved... more
        • Well doneLouis, Sat Feb 25 16:54
          Louis laughed along with Dustin, enjoying the idea of the younger brother, who he'd sort of thought would be Dustin MkII, sounding rather different, not that he disliked Dustin at all. He couldn't... more
          • I do my bestDustin, Sat Feb 25 17:07
            “I think rules are important,” Dustin contradicted. “They’re a solid guide. The problem is that nobody knows what the damn rules are anymore because they keep changing.” He caught the change of tone... more
            • Classic Aladren behaviour Louis, Sun Feb 26 09:15
              Louis actually thought that trying to please his father would be more likely to lead to throwing his life away. However, despite his current rebellious thoughts, he was still a Valois. You didn't... more
              • We're some classic Aladren gentlemen!Dustin, Sun Feb 26 16:26
                “Drama for us comes when people break the rules,” Dustin countered. His tone was still serious but pleasant, a friendly discussion. “If everybody just did what they were supposed to, we’d all be a... more
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