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Kira Spaulding
A fair bit longer than I expected it to be.
Sat Feb 25, 2017 18:30

Kira hadn't wanted to sign up at all initially and only did because she felt Sophie wanted her to. She didn't know quite why Sophie wanted that, certainly they were close but she never thought Sophie needed her as much as she needed Sophie. Nobody needed Kira for anything except maybe in theory to do some bit of magic they couldn't do yet.

And while it was fun to spend time together, this wasn't exactly sitting around eating cookies in Sophie's office and having a heart to heart chat. She had to be around other people and while one of them was Caelia, Kira wasn't really so comfortable around the others at least not at first. Most of the others were first years so she felt that she had to be an Example.

And because two of the first years(along with Alistair) were pureblood society boys, Kira also had to worry about if she was coming off as ladylike and proper enough. While Kelsey wasn't there for anyone but Alistair who was friends with her cousin to necessarily note the differences between the two of them that way, Caelia was and she too came across as more of an ideal pureblood lady than Kira did even if she was overall a nicer, sweeter person than Kelsey.

Then she hadn't even been researching the same thing as her friend, instead working in a group with Winston Pierce. However, gradually, she had begun to enjoy working with the first year.

However, when Winston spoke up that day, Kira was a little surprised by his suggestion. He actually wanted to spend time with her? And looking up folklore? She had always been into things like that-though truthfully she was more into fairy tales but she was afraid it would seem to childish to frame things that way- but even though the younger Crotalus had volunteered to work with her-which had surprised her in the first place as she'd assumed he or Simon or both would want to work with Alistair whom they knew from Quidditch. Besides, Kira was genuinely surprised anyone ever wanted to spend time with her. Even now, it surprised her that of all Ryan's cousins, Sophie had gravitated towards her, for example-she didn't know he was especially interested in it.

And then he actually wanted to continue spending time with her now that they were almost done?

"Sure." Kira replied shyly, blushing a little. True, Winston was a boy three years younger than her-possibly closer to four years given her birthday was the day after term started and she didn't know when his was-but she was never going to turn down spending time with someone who apparently liked her. That someone did made her feel good, in some ways even more than doing a difficult transfiguration within just a few tries. "I've had fun working with you too. Which country would you like to do? Maybe we could try a different region? Or maybe we'll see something from one of the other countries at the fair that we can delve into further."

Kira bent over her project, smiling to herself. She actually had another friend! "If nothing else, I have an aunt whose part Russian and she might be able to direct me towards some from there that I can share with you."

  • A fair bit of folklore (Kira)Winston Pierce, Sat Feb 25 08:14
    The Israel group had split into a few research groups and Winston had opted to help Kira with the folklore aspect of the booth. Over the past months, he had come to see her as a friend, and he... more
    • A fair bit longer than I expected it to be. — Kira Spaulding, Sat Feb 25 18:30
      • A fair bit indeedWinston Pierce, Sat Feb 25 19:44
        Winston blinked, in surprise that Kira - who was enough older than him that he worried sometimes that she just saw him as a baby - seemed as eager to continue their story time together as he was,... more
        • Yeah, sorry about that.Kira, Sun Feb 26 12:19
          Kira grinned. In the past, her shyness and low self-esteem had kept her from joining Book Club, something she would have been genuinely interested in except that she honestly didn't think people... more
          • No, it's good.Winston, Sun Feb 26 13:06
            "Great!" Winston confirmed her confirmation, and bent down over the last of their booth posters, now feeling the pleased growing triumph at their near completion that had been missing earlier. "These ... more
            • Okay, good.Kira, Sun Feb 26 15:28
              Kira nodded in agreement, blushing again. She was so not used to people wanting to be around her. "It was nice to meet you too. This isn't an interest I share with a lot of people." As far as she... more
              • This title took longer than the postWinston, Sun Feb 26 19:29
                "Right," he agreed, chuckling a little. "That must be nice," he offered, the sentiment genuine. He missed his little sister and the Pierces that were here were more sources of embarrassment than... more
                • Titles can be difficultKira, Mon Feb 27 13:34
                  "It can be." Kira replied. In all actuality, it depended on the cousin. Kelsey was a source of well, jealousy she supposed, someone who made her feel inadequate and inferior. A person she felt she... more
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