Lily Spencer
Welcome to the Rainforest!
Sun Feb 26, 2017 08:25

"Hi Finn!" said Lily when he approached her booth. She was standing in front of the black curtain that covered the marvelous surprise within. "Well, ours is a bit like a maze when you walk inside, and it's got different parts of Brazil in different rooms. Here, I'll show you."

She parted the curtain for him and gestured him in before following after. The humidity required for these tropical plants and the exotic caged birds made it seem hotter than it actually was in the tented area. "Welcome to the rainforest!" she said, grinning at him. "Have you ever been? I haven't, but I imagine this might be what it's like. "We can linger here if you'd like to look at all the plants, but there's salsa dancing in another 'room' as well as Brazilian food. My favourite is the sweet chocolate balls, I forget what they're called."

  • Exploring the fair (tag: any booth group member)Finn Scott, Sat Feb 25 15:57
    Finn hadn't signed up for the fair, and he wasn't entirely sure why. Maybe it was because the idea had seemed a little daunting, having to do all that research with people he didn't know. But... more
    • Welcome to the Rainforest! — Lily Spencer, Sun Feb 26 08:25
      • Re: Welcome to the Rainforest!Anonymous, Mon Feb 27 15:40
        Finn didn't know Lily too well, but despite being a very lively and, well, Pecari-ish person (which was a bit of a contrast to his more quiet character), she was Jozua's pureblood friend, and that... more
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