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Finn Scott
At least it's not forever
Sun Feb 26, 2017 09:05

Finn was just walking into the common room when Juniper approached, surprising him with her declaration and the hug. That wasn't to say he minded, however, and he quickly returned it. Hugging wasn't a particular thing of theirs, but as Finn liked hugs with people he liked, and he liked Juniper, that would hopefully change.

"I'll miss you too," he replied as the hug ended, smiling at the girl who was one of his closest friends. "But we should see each other at least a little bit over the summer, right?" Pureblood society wasn't absolutely huge, so odds were they would be at maybe a few events together. Finn was getting older, so would be attending a few more events this summer, which would increase the chances.

"And at least we're not seventh years," he pointed out. It must really hard for the older students to leave Sonora for good, and not be able to see their friends everyday.

  • Saying Goodbye (Tag Finn)Juniper Brockert, Sat Feb 25 18:58
    The school year would be over soon and Juniper was sort of glad of course. Soon she'd be back home with Butterscotch and all the rest of their horses. And Duncan would be home for the summer-well... more
    • At least it's not forever — Finn Scott, Sun Feb 26 09:05
      • That would be so much worse.Juniper, Sun Feb 26 13:11
        She breathed a sigh of relief when Finn returned the hug. Juniper was starting to feel more confident in his friendship even if she wasn't confident in any other respect but this hadn't been... more
        • "That's a good idea," replied Finn, brightening at Juniper's suggestion. He wasn't sure how much say he'd have, as his parents tended to go to certain events, but hopefully his plans would match with ... more
          • Hopefully we never will.Juniper, Mon Feb 27 17:00
            Juniper resisted the urge to make a face. "Probably. I really don't want to though unless you're there." There, she'd gone and admitted it to him, been honest. Hopefully it wouldn't make him turn... more
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