Classic Aladren behaviour
Sun Feb 26, 2017 09:15

Louis actually thought that trying to please his father would be more likely to lead to throwing his life away. However, despite his current rebellious thoughts, he was still a Valois. You didn't grow up heir to one of the most powerful families in France without learning at least a bit of diplomacy, and he wasn't going to argue with his roommate just because he disagreed with a well-meaning comment.

"Don't worry, I have no intention of doing anything rash," he reassured the other boy. No, anything he did would be well thought out. "And I don't know, the pureblood world seems to have its fair share of drama."

  • I do my bestDustin, Sat Feb 25 17:07
    “I think rules are important,” Dustin contradicted. “They’re a solid guide. The problem is that nobody knows what the damn rules are anymore because they keep changing.” He caught the change of tone... more
    • Classic Aladren behaviour — Louis, Sun Feb 26 09:15
      • We're some classic Aladren gentlemen!Dustin, Sun Feb 26 16:26
        “Drama for us comes when people break the rules,” Dustin countered. His tone was still serious but pleasant, a friendly discussion. “If everybody just did what they were supposed to, we’d all be a... more
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