Such a seemingly simple word
Sun Feb 26, 2017 09:34

"Yes, it's lovely - everyone's done such a lot of hard work," she smiled, when Clark asked if she was enjoying herself. Maybe she'd get to see some of these places one day in real life... It was strange to think back to the time when her whole world had been her family's private island off the coast of Maine, and the thought of leaving it had terrified her. Now it was the opposite... The thought of returning and being stuck there forever was her worst nightmare.

She accepted Clark's book with a smile. She already knew what she would write. She had thought about it long and hard and found no satisfying way to express her thoughts. She was taking enough of a risk in signing his book and having him sign hers. 'Goodbye and good luck,' she wrote, the sentiment far less than she really felt. She liked his kindness, his gentleness and the fact that he had protected her in Defence class. She liked his soul, and the fact that she'd seen it, and that he had seen hers and not seemed to judge. She drew a speech bubble around the words she had written, drawing a little fawn underneath it, and a not so little giraffe for it to address its remarks to. Perhaps that was even a little personal. But only if someone knew what her patronus was, and shared her perception of the level of intimacy it represented. She rather doubted many people ever would see hers...

"Thank you," she added, as she passed the book back, "for all your help in the library. And in defence class. It... It was very nice to have the chance to know you." That was something she definitely couldn't write down, but she wanted him to know it, none the less.

  • Good bye, Araceli Clark , Sun Feb 26 06:31
    "Bye, have fun!" Clark called to the leaving patron who had just been regaled with an answer to their question about New Zealand (possibly in far more depth than they'd really wanted). He turned with ... more
    • Such a seemingly simple word — Araceli, Sun Feb 26 09:34
      • Fare thee well?Clark, Sun Feb 26 12:58
        Clark collected back his yearbook and returned Araceli's to her. "Thanks," he said, flushing a little bit at the appreciation she shared. "I'm glad I got to know you too," he returned. Glancing down... more
        • I guess soAraceli, Sun Feb 26 20:07
          "Th-thanks," she stumbled over accepting the pair of compliments, her cheeks turning red. Two nice things. Clark had just said two nice things to her. She was sure those would be etched on her mind... more
          • ClosureClark, Sun Feb 26 20:52
            "Bye, Araceli," Clark said to her retreating back, but then somebody else was asking a question about New Zealand and he didn't see her vanish out of his life.
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