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That would be so much worse.
Sun Feb 26, 2017 13:11

She breathed a sigh of relief when Finn returned the hug. Juniper was starting to feel more confident in his friendship even if she wasn't confident in any other respect but this hadn't been something she'd attempted before.

Juniper nodded. "I'll write to you to let you know which ones I'm attending so maybe you'll go to those ones." It was literally the only way to make these social engagements, ones with people she knew even less than the ones at school that she at least saw every day whether she wanted to or not.

"True." She replied. Although Juniper liked her alone time-it allowed her to actually be productive because she didn't feel so anxious that she was sick to her stomach-and her time riding her horse, she didn't really like the idea of not seeing Finn anymore.

  • At least it's not foreverFinn Scott, Sun Feb 26 09:05
    Finn was just walking into the common room when Juniper approached, surprising him with her declaration and the hug. That wasn't to say he minded, however, and he quickly returned it. Hugging wasn't... more
    • That would be so much worse. — Juniper, Sun Feb 26 13:11
      • "That's a good idea," replied Finn, brightening at Juniper's suggestion. He wasn't sure how much say he'd have, as his parents tended to go to certain events, but hopefully his plans would match with ... more
        • Hopefully we never will.Juniper, Mon Feb 27 17:00
          Juniper resisted the urge to make a face. "Probably. I really don't want to though unless you're there." There, she'd gone and admitted it to him, been honest. Hopefully it wouldn't make him turn... more
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