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Clark Dill
Not my best moment
Sun Feb 26, 2017 19:21

Clark saw Alistair move. Visibility was bad enough that he didn't see what the Crotalus was going for, but he couldn't take the chance he wasn't bluffing. So Clark made a guess based on Alistair's trajectory about where the snitch might be and went all out. He saw it after a moment, as he got near enough for his sight to cut through the rain, and he made a minor adjustment to his own angle of approach.

But Alistair had been closer to begin with and he'd had a slight head start. With the power and speed of Jake's old broom, and without worrying about maintaining a speed where he could actually grab for a snitch - getting between Alistair and the Snitch was the important part at the moment - Clark closed the distance, but not fast enough. He was still a good ten feet away when Alistair's fingers wrapped around it.

With a mild blasphemy - as much for the need to not ram into his opponent and kill them both from the force of impact as for losing his final chance at winning the Sonora Quidditch Cup - Clark's next moments were mostly occupied with getting his broom to slow down without running into anyone or anything. After that, it was landing on the ground and trying not to look too depressed or upset in front of his team. Putting his disappointment aside, he gave his team high fives and handshakes and thanked them for their good work and repeated how much of a pleasure it was to have been their captain and otherwise put on the face of good sportsmanship.

Then he headed off pitch, planning to bury himself in a book for a while (well, shower first, then book) and try to forget how this match had ended.

Before he got there, though, a hand touched his arm and he startled and glared for a moment before he caught himself and, recognizing Joella, forced a more neutral expression on his face. "Yeah," he agreed to her sympathies, and couldn't help looking out toward the crowd, trying now to spot the agents. "Let's just hope the agents from Toronto thought so, too."

  • After the Quidditch final (tag Clark)Joella Curtis, Sun Feb 26 17:42
    Being a Chaser herself meant that Joella normally held most interest for those in that position but today she had hardly been able to tear her eyes away from the Seekers. Alistair versus Clark - that ... more
    • Not my best moment — Clark Dill, Sun Feb 26 19:21
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