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This title took longer than the post
Sun Feb 26, 2017 19:29

"Right," he agreed, chuckling a little. "That must be nice," he offered, the sentiment genuine. He missed his little sister and the Pierces that were here were more sources of embarrassment than consolation. "None I like to associate with anyway," he admitted a little ruefully. "There's other Pierces, but not from my branch of the family." He thought he could reasonably deny relation to the California Teppenpaw, as they looked nothing alike, but there was, unfortunately, no denying Four's nephew. Though Ben was only a second cousin, their looks were close enough that they could be mistaken for brothers.

  • Okay, good.Kira, Sun Feb 26 15:28
    Kira nodded in agreement, blushing again. She was so not used to people wanting to be around her. "It was nice to meet you too. This isn't an interest I share with a lot of people." As far as she... more
    • This title took longer than the post — Winston, Sun Feb 26 19:29
      • Titles can be difficultKira, Mon Feb 27 13:34
        "It can be." Kira replied. In all actuality, it depended on the cousin. Kelsey was a source of well, jealousy she supposed, someone who made her feel inadequate and inferior. A person she felt she... more
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