I guess so
Sun Feb 26, 2017 20:07

"Th-thanks," she stumbled over accepting the pair of compliments, her cheeks turning red. Two nice things. Clark had just said two nice things to her. She was sure those would be etched on her mind forever.

She hesitated, wondering whether to tell him about the candy cane. Either way, it left a note of the unfinished... She knew that, if it was her, she would always wonder who it had been. And she herself would be left wondering whether or not he knew... But this was a nice end. Mutual compliments. If she told him she had sent it, she knew she would have to dive into the crowd before possibly seeing his reaction. She would leave not knowing how he felt about the last thing she'd said to him, and that stung too much after the niceness of signing each other's yearbooks.

"I-I'll let you get back to work then," she gestured at the booth around them. And hesitating only slightly, the word falling a little more heavily than it might for a casual conversation, she said, "Goodbye Clark," and turned, slipping into the stream of passing students, and vanishing.

  • Fare thee well?Clark, Sun Feb 26 12:58
    Clark collected back his yearbook and returned Araceli's to her. "Thanks," he said, flushing a little bit at the appreciation she shared. "I'm glad I got to know you too," he returned. Glancing down... more
    • I guess so — Araceli, Sun Feb 26 20:07
      • ClosureClark, Sun Feb 26 20:52
        "Bye, Araceli," Clark said to her retreating back, but then somebody else was asking a question about New Zealand and he didn't see her vanish out of his life.
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