Nevaeh Reed
What a pleasant occasion!
Sun Feb 26, 2017 22:25

There was a lot of bright color in probably interesting shapes. That was as much detail as Nevaeh could make out about the fair around them. One blur seemed to possibly be moving, but she could more identify the approach by the sound of footsteps.

"Oh, yeah, sure," she answered, recognizing the voice of her roommate Tasha. "Fair warning, though," Nevaeh added cheekily, "I can difficult to ride with. I'm told I ask a lot of questions."

  • Roommate bonding (tag Nevaeh)Tasha DuBois, Sun Feb 26 22:03
    This had been a great year for Tasha. There was now a school orchestra, they were having an international festival for the school fair which had also led to her making her first actual friend at... more
    • What a pleasant occasion! — Nevaeh Reed, Sun Feb 26 22:25
      • It sure is!Tasha, Mon Feb 27 13:16
        Though Nevaeh couldn't see it, Tasha was grinning. She gave a chuckle of appreciation at her roommate's pun. " Fair enough. And of course you do! Lots of questions means an inquisitive mind, which is ... more
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