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It sure is!
Mon Feb 27, 2017 13:16

Though Nevaeh couldn't see it, Tasha was grinning. She gave a chuckle of appreciation at her roommate's pun. " Fair enough. And of course you do! Lots of questions means an inquisitive mind, which is something quite Aladrenish. So if you didn't ask questions, you might have been sorted somewhere else and not here to enjoy this! So what ride do you want to go on first?"

  • What a pleasant occasion! Nevaeh Reed, Sun Feb 26 22:25
    There was a lot of bright color in probably interesting shapes. That was as much detail as Nevaeh could make out about the fair around them. One blur seemed to possibly be moving, but she could more... more
    • It sure is! — Tasha, Mon Feb 27 13:16
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