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Titles can be difficult
Mon Feb 27, 2017 13:34

"It can be." Kira replied. In all actuality, it depended on the cousin. Kelsey was a source of well, jealousy she supposed, someone who made her feel inadequate and inferior. A person she felt she always being compared to unfavorably. And Chaslyn had seemed to out and out hate her for some reason. Then there was Carrie, but Kira had never been in school with her, thank Merlin. However as Winston was a new friend, she wasn't about to unload all that on him at this point.

The fourth year nodded, feeling kind of stupid for not remembering Ginger or Ben Pierce right off as she'd had class with them both. As for her both sides of her family were all technically the same branch. Like, not that the Spauldings were the same as the Brockerts but there was only one branch of each. Of course, with Mother's family it did get complicated, because there were people she wasn't all that closely related to like Angelique but she knew other families worked differently and there were very distinct differences between the three Pierce branches. Truth be told, Ginger had always seemed quite nice but she didn't want to alienate Winston by saying so and lose a friend she just made. Besides, it wasn't as if he knew them. Or that she was friends with Ginger. "That's too bad. Do you have any siblings or anyone else from your branch that will be attending Sonora while you're here?"

  • This title took longer than the postWinston, Sun Feb 26 19:29
    "Right," he agreed, chuckling a little. "That must be nice," he offered, the sentiment genuine. He missed his little sister and the Pierces that were here were more sources of embarrassment than... more
    • Titles can be difficult — Kira, Mon Feb 27 13:34
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