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Re: Welcome to the Rainforest!
Mon Feb 27, 2017 15:40

Finn didn't know Lily too well, but despite being a very lively and, well, Pecari-ish person (which was a bit of a contrast to his more quiet character), she was Jozua's pureblood friend, and that was good enough for Finn.

She seemed very enthusiastic about the booth, and Finn was glad he'd asked her advice.

"No, I've never been to the rainforest," he replied. "But it all looks very impressive here. Which part did you work on?"

There seemed to be so much choice in the booth, and Finn wanted to see all of it!

  • Welcome to the Rainforest!Lily Spencer, Sun Feb 26 08:25
    "Hi Finn!" said Lily when he approached her booth. She was standing in front of the black curtain that covered the marvelous surprise within. "Well, ours is a bit like a maze when you walk inside,... more
    • Re: Welcome to the Rainforest! — Anonymous, Mon Feb 27 15:40
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