Is that good or bad?
Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:57

Juniper bent over, writing notes intently and trying hard not to think about the pairs of eyes that were all about the room. Suddenly her roommate spoke to her and she jumped, spilling ink all over her paper and down on to her robe. Her face burned in humiliation.

Bur she couldn't be rude to Georgia. Especially since they had a few years left of sharing a room. It wasn't the other girl's fault that Juniper was clumsy and skittish as a newborn foal. "That's strange. I'm, um, inky."

  • I'm... glittery?Georgia, Sat Sep 30 00:52
    Georgia was making notes in class, when something on her hand caught her attention. She paused in her writing, tilting her hand in the light. Yes, there it was. A speck of glitter. Strange... She... more
    • Is that good or bad? — Juniper, Sat Sep 30 10:57
      • I kinda like itGeorgia, Sun Oct 1 06:50
        Maybe it was her magic, physically showing through. That was probably dumb though. And she'd never noticed any of the seventh years sparkling, or the staff. It was probably just some random glitter.... more
        • I don't like this.Juniper, Sun Oct 1 16:06
          Juniper nodded. "Thank you, I'd really appreciate that." She smiled shyly at Georgia. It was nice of her to offer to help. "Let's get to it." She didn't want anyone else to notice though it was... more
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