Hope it doesn't strike too hard
Sun Oct 1, 2017 05:55

Parker was thankful for her going to get the Quaffle as he'd likely be stuck in the shed for a few minutes if not longer. He took the time to do a few quick stretches and get on his broom.

"I'm Parker umm Pecari first year. So ya, fairly new," Parker responded. He didn't want to alert her to the fact that he was also new to the whole wizarding world.
"So just a few flying lessons. Thus the warning."

He started flying a little forward then turned around in a wide u turn to get back to her.

"You on the Aladren team right? Does that make us competitors?"

  • When the mood strikes me.Amelia, Sat Sep 30 21:35
    Amelia smiled kindly at the warning, though the object of her amusement didn’t see it with his eyes closed over his broom. “Should be one in the equipment shed,” said Amelia, pointing. “I’ll go check ... more
    • Hope it doesn't strike too hard — Parker, Sun Oct 1 05:55
      • Yeah, probably for the best.Amelia, Sun Oct 1 09:19
        Amelia shrugged when Parker asked if they were competitors. “On game day, sure,” said Amelia. “But today, I won’t tell your captain if you don’t tell mine, how’s that sound?” In this spirit of... more
        • Playing catch, like with my dadParker, Sun Oct 1 09:57
          Parker cocked his head to the side and looked at Amelia. "Sounds fair to me." Parker steadied himself and got himself ready to catch. He remembered the tryouts and the throwing of the ball so he knew ... more
          • Or my uncle.Amelia, Sun Oct 1 11:24
            He caught the Quaffle, which was good. It wasn’t a great catch, but it was a catch and a better start than some made. Amelia clapped lightly in approval. “Good job,” she said. Parker tossed it back,... more
            • Or Aunt reallyParker, Sun Oct 1 22:43
              Seeker being fancier? More difficult for sure. Parker caught the Quaffle, moving his broom a bit to make sure he caught it solidly in his center, like they taught him in PeeWee football. "Go up and... more
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