Are you going to finish that thought out loud?
Sun Oct 1, 2017 06:44

"Your dad sounds nice," she smiled, when Parker explained the idea of exploring in different ways.

"That sounds like a lot of fun," she agreed, when he proposed being 'The Garden Explorers' together, and trying different things.

"I don't think so... I mean, not everything. If everyone could just wish to pass their exams, then there wouldn't be much point in school... But maybe some things it does? And sometimes things happen in a roundabout kind of way... Like, let's say you wished to make more friends, then had an idea to set up a club or something... It might not always be possible to tell directly if it came from wishing, or just good timing or a bunch of other stuff."

  • I wish...Parker, Sat Sep 30 19:36
    Parker watched her cut the spaghetti. He'd never seen anyone do that before and was surprised as it made more sense then twirling it on a fork. His eyes went big at the mention of a wishing well.... more
    • Are you going to finish that thought out loud? — Cleo, Sun Oct 1 06:44
      • just a wishParker, Sun Oct 1 09:29
        Parkersmiled at the comment about his father. He had been so busy trying to learn everything that he hadn't thought about his family in a while. He felt a little guilty about that and vowed he'd... more
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