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I kinda like it
Sun Oct 1, 2017 06:50

Maybe it was her magic, physically showing through. That was probably dumb though. And she'd never noticed any of the seventh years sparkling, or the staff. It was probably just some random glitter.

She hadn't noticed that she was the direct cause of Juniper's spilt ink, which would have made her feel bad.

"Oh," she commiserated. "That's much less cheery. At least it's quick to clean though," she smiled. It was times like this that she loved being a witch. Without magic, this would have involved going back upstairs for fresh clothes, and laundry from hell. This would be cured with a simple wave or two of a wand. "You... need a hand?" she asked, trying to sound upbeat and like it wasn't a big deal. She knew Juniper could get kind of flappy when there was pressure, but Georgia didn't want her to think that she thought she wasn't a good witch or something. "Just... there's quite a lot," she added.

  • Is that good or bad?Juniper, Sat Sep 30 10:57
    Juniper bent over, writing notes intently and trying hard not to think about the pairs of eyes that were all about the room. Suddenly her roommate spoke to her and she jumped, spilling ink all over... more
    • I kinda like it — Georgia, Sun Oct 1 06:50
      • I don't like this.Juniper, Sun Oct 1 16:06
        Juniper nodded. "Thank you, I'd really appreciate that." She smiled shyly at Georgia. It was nice of her to offer to help. "Let's get to it." She didn't want anyone else to notice though it was... more
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