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Parker just a wish
Sun Oct 1, 2017 09:29

Parkersmiled at the comment about his father. He had been so busy trying to learn everything that he hadn't thought about his family in a while. He felt a little guilty about that and vowed he'd write them a letter soon.

Cleo had a point about wishing in the wishing well.

"Sounds like you know this from experience. What did you put in the well? Or are you supposed to drink from it? Ohhh maybe you can water something in the vegetables and then you can have a wishing soup or salad."

Parker realized he'd gone off a bit.
"Sorry. We should go see the wishing well. Then explore around it."

  • "Your dad sounds nice," she smiled, when Parker explained the idea of exploring in different ways. "That sounds like a lot of fun," she agreed, when he proposed being 'The Garden Explorers' together, ... more
    • just a wish — Parker, Sun Oct 1 09:29
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