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I don't like this.
Sun Oct 1, 2017 16:06

Juniper nodded. "Thank you, I'd really appreciate that." She smiled shyly at Georgia. It was nice of her to offer to help. "Let's get to it." She didn't want anyone else to notice though it was probably too late for that. Still she didn't want the Ariannas or Finn to see her being a mess. The latter wouldn't judge her but when it came to her best friend...well, she wanted to look nice for him. Even if she was just wearing her school robes.

  • I kinda like itGeorgia, Sun Oct 1 06:50
    Maybe it was her magic, physically showing through. That was probably dumb though. And she'd never noticed any of the seventh years sparkling, or the staff. It was probably just some random glitter.... more
    • I don't like this. — Juniper, Sun Oct 1 16:06
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