Or Aunt really
Sun Oct 1, 2017 22:43

Seeker being fancier? More difficult for sure. Parker caught the Quaffle, moving his broom a bit to make sure he caught it solidly in his center, like they taught him in PeeWee football.

"Go up and throw down. Got it...I think," said Parker as he turned upwards at a rate faster than he anticipated. He was able to stop and then looked down. He wasn't more than 10 ft above but it felt higher. Parker more dropped the ball than threw it really.

"Ok. This is what I'm still working on," he shouted down. Preparing for the sharp impact of the ground if he fell. He took a deep breath and followed the movement s he had copied before during tryouts. He was now glad there was someone else there incase he crashed to the ground.

"Well," he said when he was closer to the ground, "that was better than last time."

  • Or my uncle.Amelia, Sun Oct 1 11:24
    He caught the Quaffle, which was good. It wasn’t a great catch, but it was a catch and a better start than some made. Amelia clapped lightly in approval. “Good job,” she said. Parker tossed it back,... more
    • Or Aunt really — Parker, Sun Oct 1 22:43
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