Healer Kapoor
So I might be seeing a lot of you
Sat Feb 10, 2018 09:32

All the medicines were in date. Still. Unsurprisingly. Since she had checked and fully stocked them at the start of term. Anisha had taken the school job because her previous contract had finished and she needed the money too much to refuse but it was as she had feared… She was bored. She was used to a busy hospital department. There was nothing to do here… And every time she wished there was it made her feel like a psychopath because essentially she was hoping that children got sick or injured. She supposed she might actually benefit from unwinding a bit, and might have some time to tend to her much neglected social life. She wouldn’t exactly say her parents had pushed her into becoming a healer. She had always liked the idea herself. But she thought a part of that might have been growing up with the knowledge that it was a parent-approved kind of choice. So, she’d done what they wanted in a sense, and got the good job, and now every time she went home it was all ‘You still haven’t met someone?’ ‘You work too much’ ‘You’re going to end up on your own.’ What had her parents thought would happen when they pushed her to go for a career job like this one? And she wasn’t even thirty yet, thank you very much. She still had plenty of time to meet someone.

She’d eventually given up on finding things to do and gone out for a walk, taking a small charmed pillbox with her which would vibrate if anyone came seeking her services. She’d been enjoying the labyrinth when it went off. She hurried back, hoping the student in question wasn’t dying and that she wasn’t about to get fired for abandoning her post. She entered the room, a little embarrassed to be coming from the wrong side of things, rather than out of her office. On the plus side, the student looked relatively healthy. And she was wearing her green healer’s scrubs, long dark hair tied up in a sloppy bun, ready to go.

“Sorry. I just popped out for a moment,” she said, “How can I help you?”

  • Adventure is my middle... my self given middle name!Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Feb 8 21:30
    Parker's mother had made him promise, repeatedly, that he would go to the medical area to get a check up to make sure he was 100% healed and could play sports. Parker had assured her that he was... more
    • So I might be seeing a lot of you — Healer Kapoor, Sat Feb 10 09:32
      • Probably. I have a tendency to need help.Parker, Sat Feb 10 11:29
        Parker had just sat back down in his chair with the paper in his pocket when the woman, who had been introduced as the new healer, came in through the front door and not out of her office. Parker... more
        • I have a tendency to give it, so that should work outHealer Kapoor, Sat Feb 10 22:52
          “Ok then,” Anisha smiled. The kid seemed a bit embarrassed over the fact that he was more or less here over nothing, or about the fact that his parents weren’t magical. Either way, he was telling the ... more
          • Nice to meet your acquantanceParker, Sun Feb 11 14:18
            Parker looked up from the floor. This new healer's voice was comforting. It reminded him of the voice his mother would use when she would take him with her on in person check ups. It was the... more
            • And yoursHealer Kapoor, Tue Feb 13 08:23
              “You’re probably right. That must be what that says,” Anisha nodded, when Parker said he’d also had some kind of pill possibly for pain. There was a line of scrawl in the notes that she couldn’t... more
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